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GOBI (Gurus of BI)

Oslo Spektrum, June 15th 2015

GOBI2015 details the journey from starting to use business intelligence to what lies beyond. If you are a BI novice you will get valuable input on how to get started, what set of tools you need, and key success factors. The mature BI users will be inspired by what leading organizations have done, what’s hot in the BI market right now, and why big data is going from hype to business critical. More and more organizations are embracing predictive analytics to tap into what might happen tomorrow, and you will meet experts in this field at GOBI2015. You can even attend mini workshops on these subjects, expanding your knowledge. But there is more! Inspirational keynotes on cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning provides a glimpse into the future of business intelligence and life in the coming years.

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The Norwegian BI Barometer

The Norwegian BI barometer: A survey of BI maturity in the Norwegian market

Are Norwegian companies best in class when it comes to using information for management purposes? Or are they laggards compared to other countries, relying on gut feeling and experience? For the second time there will be a large scale survey of BI maturity in Norway. The survey will give an indication of the level of maturity in using BI in Norwegian companies. The survey will point out which areas are more mature, and which require more attention, both in total and divided by industry and company size. Is your company more or less mature than the industry average? Which areas are most and least mature? Get useful pointers for your own BI efforts at this presentation.


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