It's all about Analytics, Oslo Spektrum, June 2nd Gobi - It's all about Analytics

GOBI (Gurus of BI)

Oslo Spektrum, June 2nd 2014

GOBI2014 is all about Analytics. You’ll hear lots about the fastest growing area of BI, visual analytics, with demos, talks and even a data viz challenge on stage. Tap into how the world’s largest email service provider, MailChimp, makes sense of its enormous amounts of data with big data analytics. Learn how to find business value from Twitter using social media analytics. Like to see what campaigns your customers are more likely to respond to tomorrow? Predictive analytics provides insights that yield the highest returns. Check out GOBI2014 for inspiration from the world’s leading authorities on analytics.

Take a look at the GOBI2013 website here

Post conference

Post-conference Workshop June 3rd at Teknologihuset, Pilestrefet 56.

In this workshop, Dr. Barry Devlin builds on his conference keynote and provides a coherent approach to moving from the old BI to the new world.

Participants will:

• Learn how to recognize and address the business drivers for combined BI   and analytics approaches
• Meet a modern conceptual architecture for information, process and      people
• Explore the resulting logical architecture for information and process that    builds upon and expands current BI systems
• Apply these new architectures in their existing system contexts
• Overview important tools and technologies
• Learn how to build a roadmap from today’s BI to the new environment,  including organizational, data management and other aspects



The Norwegian BI Barometer

The Norwegian BI barometer: A survey of BI maturity in the Norwegian market

Are Norwegian companies best in class when it comes to using information for management purposes? Or are they laggards compared to other countries, relying on gut feeling and experience? For the second time there will be a large scale survey of BI maturity in Norway. The survey will give an indication of the level of maturity in using BI in Norwegian companies. The survey will point out which areas are more mature, and which require more attention, both in total and divided by industry and company size. Is your company more or less mature than the industry average? Which areas are most and least mature? Get useful pointers for your own BI efforts at this presentation.


Click here to answer the survey. Your opinion counts!

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beskotw Besim Ismaili
Post-conference with @weckerson and @BIScorecard @nextbridgeas #gobi2013 #gurusofbi Great work @lamirin and proud to be part of the team! :)
timoelliott Timo Elliott
#GoBI2013 is now WentBI2013 :-) Here's the link to my presentation, if anybody's interested: #gurusofbi #sap #bi
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Cindi Howsons analyse av datavisualiseringsverktøy viser at Tableau scorer høyere enn Qlikview på alle områder #tableausoftware #gurusofbi
gurusofbi Gurus Of BI, GOBI
@biscorecard revealing the scores of BI solutions at the GOBI post-conference seminar #gurusofbi
gurusofbi Gurus Of BI, GOBI
@BIscorecard @ GOBI post-conference: BI adoption in Norway is lower than the global average #gurusofbi
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Who's attending #gobi2013 #gurusofbi today?? #sap50tips can help you understand more about analytics
gurusofbi Gurus Of BI, GOBI
@weckerson kicking off the GOBI post-conference seminar: BI people need to sell their solutions internally #gurusofbi
RT @gurusofbi: @donalddotfarmer: people don't trust data, they trust other people #gurusofbi
lewandog Gregory Lewandowski
RT @gurusofbi: @donalddotfarmer: people don't trust data, they trust other people #gurusofbi
lewandog Gregory Lewandowski
RT @mariekjohansen: Final words from panel debate at #Gobi2013 -> We are moving from BI to data story telling #gurusofbi
lewandog Gregory Lewandowski
RT @BIScorecard: Hats off to @marcreguera for givin @tableau credit for focusing on users, forcing @MicrosoftBI to do same. #gurusofbi
lewandog Gregory Lewandowski
RT @BIScorecard: @timoelliott real opportunity is not which tool or tech but what to do w data, new ways of working #gurusofbi
lewandog Gregory Lewandowski
RT @BIScorecard: @marcreguera from Microsoft says he's seen more change in tools in 1year vs 18 #gurusofbi
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RT @BernardMarr: Back in London after a great day in Oslo #gurusofbi #gobi2013
udu789 Dokdo is Korea land
RT @BernardMarr: #GoBI2013 Great event in Oslo today! Good to catch up with @weckerson and @timoelliott #GurusofBI #analytics
udu789 Dokdo is Korea land
RT @BernardMarr: GOBI Closing Keynote: Find the BPM study summary at #gurusofbi #gobi2013 #analytics
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RT @mariekjohansen: Final words from panel debate at #Gobi2013 -> We are moving from BI to data story telling #gurusofbi
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Great day at #GurusofBI. Now back in London for #tcceu13.
gurusofbi Gurus Of BI, GOBI
RT @michelleurwin: Anyone attending #gobi2013 #gurusofbi today should check out #sap50tips for great sound bites around analytics http://t.…
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RT @timoelliott: #gurusofbi #gobi2013 SAP's data discovery tool is SAPLumira. More:
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